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Customer Feedback

"... the project turned out exactly as we wanted. The site looks great! We're going to use you on future projects."

-- TM

"Thank you very very much. Excellent work."

-- Nina W.

"I now rank in the top and even #1 in a lot of words I hadn't before, and even in keywords I haven't thought of targeting. I really appreciate your expertise and help."

-- Steven Y.

"Your work went above and beyond. I really like my site. Thank you."

-- Slobo D.

Benefits of a Content Management System

Using a content management system (CMS) is the modern and smart way to maintain a website. Rather than having minor pages modifications require a call to a webmaster and getting billed for edits on all relevant pages, a content management systems let you make changes simply by yourself.

Don't just take our word for it...

A CMS makes maintaining a website much better, but also adds additional powerful functionality, like the following functions:

- Add pages with pictures and attachments
- Edit pages yourself
- Improved security
- Content backups
- Maintain a search engine friendly layout
- Keep all your content in tact when redoing your site design
- Easy menu creation and manipulation
- Sitewide search functionality
- Monitor errors and status reports
- Easily integrate a shopping cart
- Support multiple languages
- Create multiple users or editors for the site with different access privileges
- Newsletter. Have a signup area for publications or notices you want to send out to interested visitors
- Run a poll. Ask your visitors questions and keep track of their votes
- Contact form. Let your visitors type their message to you on the site. It goes straight into your email
- Statistics and Analytics. Track your traffic patterns
- Publish RSS feeds
- Save money and time

See our packages getting your website with a content management system!

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